Real estate
Real Estate and Construction Law Department Introduction

China's real estate laws and regulations is very complex, both more than laws and regulations of civil law, land administration law and its regulations, Property Law, Urban Real Estate Administration Act and its regulations and other nationwide uniform implementation and departmental rules, including in the local implementation The local laws and regulations, real estate development and construction, trading, registration involves planning, land, construction, environmental protection, fire and other government departments, the contents of both the real estate legal relations in civil law relations, but also includes the nature of administrative legal relationship, so that real estate has become the most complex legal affairs of a number of legal matters legal relationship. Therefore, counsel for the parties to provide professional legal services indispensable.

Headquarters set up to "professional, responsible, and efficient" service, real estate development, construction and operation of the various stages of the parties or special offer comprehensive legal services.

Real estate and construction business law section

Legal services during the pre-development land
Land acquisition and resettlement compensation for legal services
Legal services provided in the land development process
Real estate transactions Legal Services
Property management, legal services
Legal services for real estate agents
Real estate disputes Legal services
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