Labor Dispute
About the Ministry of Labor Dispute

Labor legal affairs is the firm's traditional business, is one of the focus of my legal services, accumulated over a long period of legal practice and professional training, I have formed a proficient labor and personnel laws, regulations, rules and policies, fine cooked labor and Personnel mediation, arbitration and litigation skills to lawyers, mode of operation and the formation of a professional team of lawyers and services, they are not only able to provide comprehensive advisory services to corporate labor management, and personnel capable of performing complex labor dispute mediation and arbitration, litigation agency work.
Business unit of labor disputes

As the employer of labor management of special counsel
Providing labor dispute mediation, arbitration and litigation legal services
Acting employers participate in mediation, arbitration and litigation
Provide legal assistance to workers and employers in labor disputes
Acting workers involved in mediating the labor dispute cases, arbitration and litigation
Entrusted with dealing with labor law and human resource management as other matters related
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