Counsel Services

Business corporate counsel include:

1, provides information about the daily management of affairs of legal advice, legal advice, if necessary, legal opinions, proposals;

2 major business decisions for the enterprise to provide oral or written legal opinions and advice, providing relevant laws and regulations and policy basis;

3, review, revise business contracts and the relevant legal instruments; corporate audit related legal documents;

4, according to business requirements, can be regular or irregular for enterprise management and staff training for the legal aspects of the company system, contract system, use seal system, labor system, etc;

5, to participate in enterprise merger, investment, leasing, transfer of assets, bidding and other important economic activity, to help deal with the relevant legal affairs;

6, involved in mediation enterprise operation and management activities which are not formed a civil lawsuit or other major disputes economic disputes matters;

7, on behalf of enterprises, agency business investigation services, credit investigation and other non-litigation legal affairs;

8, agents participate in civil, economic, criminal and administrative litigation and arbitration activities to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consultants units;

9, to assist enterprises for trademarks, patents, copyright, computer software, trade secrets and other intellectual property protection to protect legal affairs;

10, by mutual agreement, other legal matters.

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