Criminal Law
Introduction to the Criminal Law Department

Criminal proceedings are the focus of the business operations and strength of business, it is one of the brands in this business. To play the overall strength of the parties to provide criminal legal services are the characteristics and advantages. To ensure the quality of handling criminal cases, the Department accepted by lawyers, senior lawyers to discuss the post by the Department, to develop the most scientific and most favorable for the party's defense policy and defense programs, major, complex and difficult cases of defense strategy and defense program After the demonstration by expert implementation, therefore, any one of the parties in this criminal access to quality legal services.

The scope of the criminal law section of business

For enterprises to provide criminal legal services
He served as corporate counsel to provide legal advice for the prevention of economic crime occurred;
Is suspected of a crime, the company offers legal help to defend;
Claims filed a complaint and the agent is killed enterprises.
Providing criminal legal services to individuals
For the suspects, the criminal defendant to provide legal assistance, file petitions and complaints, applying for bail;
Agents for the victim to make a complaint and claims;
The victim filed a criminal private prosecution.
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