About us
About us
1. Overview

GONG DONG SHANG DA LAW FIRM: starting point (license number 31440000782760281Q) is approved by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice established by law, the high standard of the law firm, located in Long View Road, Longhua District Hongyu Building Twelve Towers, office space over 1000 square meters, the existing lawyers, trainee solicitor nearly 100 people. Suppliers law firm is one of the largest office space in Shenzhen at present, the most number of lawyers practicing in law firms.

1.1 Team Qualification
Suppliers of lawyers with extensive experience in the practice, providers of professional qualifications is key to success. Suppliers law firm has obtained a number of multi-disciplinary law, engineering, business, finance, construction and other degrees from universities abroad composite lawyer, attaches great importance to the introduction and training of specialized lawyers. Rich professional knowledge and practical experience of lawyers suppliers to ensure that in their respective areas of expertise to provide customers with quality and efficient legal services.

1.2 specialization
Suppliers inception of the law firm based in Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta area businesses, focusing on corporate counsel, real estate, labor disputes, payment collection, traffic accidents and other areas of legal services, provide customers with comprehensive, to meet customer needs solution.
Suppliers of lawyers in the professional division of labor based on the commitment to team building and culture has created. Every lawyer to play in encouraging their professional competence, while emphasis on providing thoughtful professional services to customers through the team, the team's talent and comprehensive ability of every lawyer together.

1.3 Service purposes
"Integrity, professionalism, quality and efficiency" is a principle of service providers at the law firm.

1.4 Service Information
"Specialization, team-based action, the overall service" is a commercial law firm of service. For each customer a choice of providers, providers of the partners will equip them with the lawyer, full-time lawyers, paralegals or legal secretaries service team to ensure that at any time be able to provide customers with comprehensive, thoughtful and timely legal services.

2. The business scope
Understanding and practice of professional judgment based on customer needs and project background, focusing on providing customers with a positive, constructive and workable solutions. Providers of business areas include:

2.1 legal counsel business
2.1.1 advising consultant unit, as the legitimate operation of enterprises to provide legal advice;
2.1.2 to review the legality of the business rules and regulations and propose amendments and recommendations;
2.1.3 reviewing and revising their business activities required for contracts and other documents;
2.1.4 Design of labor system and agents of labor disputes;
2.1.5 risk control of receivables, receivables clearing agents work income;
2.1.6 corporate ownership structure, corporate governance structure, warrants system design, transfer of shares, mergers and acquisitions, management of the company holding the legal feasibility design, provide constructive legal solutions and other legal services;
2.1.7 on corporate intellectual property and trade secrets protected by law.

2.2 Litigation and Arbitration
2.2.1 agents to participate in domestic civil litigation, including on behalf of the prosecution, the respondent, appeal, settlement negotiations and the like;
2.2.2 Proxy clients in arbitration, mediation and other dispute resolution procedures;
2.2.3 Acting effective legal instruments for enforcement and related matters;
2.2.4 Agent appeal and retrial.

2.3 Foreign Investment Legal Affairs
2.3.1 Investment architecture planning and due diligence;
2.3.2 Establishment and change of foreign-funded enterprises and other economic entities, to a three-enterprises into foreign-owned enterprises;
Analysis, evaluation and design 2.3.3 corporate governance structure;
2.3.4 Customs procedures, equipment and products import and export;
2.3.5 In the relevant government departments to register and record;
2.3.6 provide ongoing legal services for reinvestments by foreign-invested enterprises;
2.3.7 Foreign-invested enterprises restructuring and liquidation.

2.4 construction, real estate legal affairs
2.4.1 real estate company formation, real estate project financing;
2.4.2 State-owned land use right transfer and transfer, land acquisition and functional conversion, relocation compensation;
2.4.3 project bidding, processing, construction management and supervision of distressed projects;
2.4.4 Property delivery and handling property, property management;
2.4.5 real estate sale and sales, real estate development and management disputes, litigation and arbitration and other business.

2.5 Intellectual Property Legal Affairs
2.5.1 served as intellectual property counsel, intellectual property acquisition, protection, management and royalties, transfer provide consulting services;
2.5.2 Intellectual Property investment program planning, review the legality of the intellectual property investment, develop, review, or modify all types of agreements related to intellectual property;
2.5.3 for trademark, patent search, filing, registration and other related matters;
2.5.4 infringement investigation, sent an infringement warning letters, issued a lawyer's letter, published in the lawyer's statement, issued a legal opinion infringement contrast, conduct mediation before litigation, agency tort litigation.

2.6 Criminal Defense and Agency
2.6.1 accept the suspects and their families hired to provide legal advice to the suspect, the agent complaints, charges, apply for bail;
2.6.2 accept the accused and their families authorized to act as a defendant;

2.6.3 entrusted criminal incidental civil plaintiff and private prosecutor, as an agent.

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