Under the New Deal, housing prices and deal with legal risks

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Recently, the legal branch of the Shanghai Federation of Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, City Business Lawyers Construction Engineering Research Council hosted a "next New Deal real estate, real estate development enterprise legal risks and countermeasures" seminar.

City Federation of Real Estate Chamber of Commerce vice president and secretary general Shen kotzschau, High Court Civil Tribunal presiding judge, Senior Judge Zhao Minghua, Shanghai Construction collar city director of law firm, legal branch real estate Chamber of Commerce, City Bar Association Construction Engineering Research Council business director Zhou Ji Gao, Hyde upload Yee Law Office, Law Branch Real Estate Chamber of Commerce vice president Wang Hsiao Mi lawyer, Shimao Holdings forensic assistant manager Li Liping, Shanghai Co., Ltd., general manager of Special Assistant Hua Jiang Construction Development Gao Ling Hui, with policy advice, legal director Huhui Bin , director of the Shanghai Haibao pure high Investment Holdings Limited Legal Centre, Admiralty the 雷士国 lawyers in the Ju Mao Heng Law, the big bang lawyer Zhangqian Lin, Shen Kang Shen of the lawyers, the 周兰萍 Cooperation lawyer, John the Hongqiao positive Ye Zhengwei lawyer, built the city leading up to the lawyers 俞光洪 25 real estate companies from the Real Estate Chamber of Representatives and 12 real estate professional lawyers from legal branch attended the seminar.

There will be two seminars conducted. First major real estate development companies around the New Deal under common law to discuss the risks and prevention. The main topics are: real estate promotion in the legal risks and countermeasures, legal risks and countermeasures deposit contract sale contract performance, legal risk projects suspended in the reference and response measures and other real estate legal risks and countermeasures.
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