Not only is the art of business negotiation is the process management

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Many would like to go abroad for Chinese enterprises have a similar experience, foreign companies bidding release of information seems to be the price will be the key to determine success or failure, but in the end the successful bidder that is often not the cheapest one.

Negotiations were seen as a very personal "soft skills." However, millions of dollars in transactions are not solely soft skills can be solved.

The reason is that the negotiations are not just two or three hours the war of words. Prior to the negotiating table, there are a number of issues need to be addressed: control, collection and analysis of information, internal coordination of authorization management, the bottom line ...... all of these seemingly unrelated issues and negotiations often determines the success or failure of the negotiations. Thus, poor management make authorization An Yong's personal mistakes hurt the entire company into an embarrassing situation, and for false information and so many Chinese companies are too focused on bargain while ignoring the real win bargaining chips.

At the same time, multinational corporations the same as the troubled negotiations. A British survey of training institutions Huthwaite (Huthwaite International) and the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM) jointly revealed, even by institutionalized, systematic, known for large multinational companies, negotiation is still associated with an individual capacity topic. This makes negotiations difficult to control and measure.

A legal representative of the Global 500 companies in the survey asked: "If we can get lost in the negotiations to get back all the money the more wonderful that number is huge, certainly tens of millions or even hundreds of millions. "

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