The creation of a wide range of legal management of the Road

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Superiority and inferiority no clear legal standard management model, there are different companies with disparate corporate culture and management style, whether legal management model of how change, for their own is the most important

"Legal staff have their own selling point!" This is a heartfelt words ENN Group General Counsel Gao Zhixin in the "legal" magazine and Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Law KoGuan jointly organized the "2013 China Corporate Transaction will be" on.

Indeed, many companies legal staff are not complaining about his boss's attention, the legal team compared with the business sector, and more are sitting on the bench, even only when the defendant's business was only to think of it. This is a lot of frustration author corporate law workers, but also the status quo.

But the status quo was not immutable. And changing the way is divided into both internal and external.

From the outside, the promotion and the related policies and regulations to promote the overall image of corporate law industry is the core.

This is from the central state-owned enterprises in recent years, especially in advance of the general counsel system is evident. Although many people, from top to bottom of the top-level design patterns, not the best choice. Because in the eyes of many, if not available within the enterprise seriously, the concept of corporate legal community does not change, work is not innovative, relying solely on administrative order in advance, nothing but have become more mechanized and procedures furnishings, its meaning is not There are fundamental changes.

But better than nothing, it is the construction of general counsel system, we will have the following further reform and innovation possible. We can see, once the identity of embarrassment General Counsel who, under the strong support of the regulatory agencies, already have corporate decision-making "one-vote veto" and other important powers. This change is welcome, but also indicates that this group a better future.

China's corporate counsel development of the industry is not a long time, the market economy, but also ManDaManSuan 30 years, like in such a short time is mature enough to make it perfect, is an impossible task, only step by step. But one thing can confirm that the general direction is good practice for many years can also prove this point.
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