21st Century Skills General Counsel report

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According to the Global Association of Corporate Counsel in December 2013 released research report, 2014 Corporate Counsel General Counsel, in particular, need to take on three different roles:

The leader of the legal department, the chief consultant and business strategist. Currently counsel positioning this post has far exceeded the scope of lawyers, in addition to being a good lawyer, corporate counsel need to be a good business partner

By participating in the annual meeting of corporate counsel, I think we all have to feel the corporate counsel are facing an exciting and challenging times, as corporate counsel role as business leaders need more than ever, whether in China or other countries, the company is highly desirable corporate counsel can guide them to make the right business and legal decisions.

For us, corporate legal advisers competent business leadership role is very important. This is also the world's Corporate Counsel Association has been recognized and resolute support of. Global Corporate Counsel Association (abbreviation ACC), has more than 33,000 members in 85 countries worldwide, has been very concerned about and support the development of Chinese enterprise legal. ACC this year to focus on one of the topics of today's corporate counsel more yuan, more global role.
I am here today to discuss this topic commissioned by the ACC.

Historically, the company has relied on corporate counsel to provide legal advice, but according to the ACC 2013 年 released in December research report, 2014 Corporate Counsel General Counsel, in particular, need to take on three different roles: a It is the leader of the legal department; second role is the chief consultant; third role is business strategist. Seen that the current corporate counsel locate the position has far exceeded the scope of a lawyer.

The research report titled "21st Century Skills General Counsel" by the ACC and the Georgetown University Law Center jointly launched. Report data comes from more than 700 general counsel, former general counsel, CEOs, board members and other interviews and research.

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