Execution allocation opposition case

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June 11, 2010, Matsue Court (2010) Song Min Er (to) Chu Zi No. 275 civil judgments, Velvet city company shall pay the purchase price and the corresponding loss of interest to Shagang companies. Case No. 275 entered into force after the judgment execution, because the city has not verified the Velvet company for property clues executed to terminate enforcement. Velvet city after the company was canceled, for the revival of the company Shagang, Songjiang court ruled resume execution, and additional shareholder Velvet city company opened seven days of the company and individual shareholders for the debtor and their contribution within the scope of untrue Shagang company liability, deduct the open days of the company and four individual shareholders funds totaling 696,505.68 yuan (including opening day less than the company invested 45 million). July 18, 2012, the hospital received were filed two lawsuits filed by the open days of the company: (2012) Song Min Er (to) Chu Zi No. 1436 and Case (2012) Song Min San (people) Chu Zi Case No. 2084, the opening days of the company claim 8 Velvet city company shareholders invested in each company owed the city of Velvet opening day corporate borrowers million and the corresponding interest, rents and late payment of liquidated damages corresponding joint liability within the scope untrue. The two cases were entered into force after the judgment execution.

February 27, 2013, the Company received Songjiang court Shagang Executive Board served "allocation of additional shareholder debtor Velvet City Executive Office of Programme table." Allocation table will join the three cases described above, to determine the implementation of paragraph 696,505.68 yuan in the first three cases reimbursement of litigation expenses, then 31.825% with the balance allocated in proportion to the funds in the future to continue the implementation of re-allocation process. Shagang Songjiang submitted to the court after "execution allocation objections" that the open days of the company can not participate in the distribution of its funding is not in place because the money is deducted, and not for distribution plan will double the interest on overdue payments into the implementation of the subject not recognized company open days Shagang company above distribution plan execution objections raised objections, as originally requested allocation scheme. Songjiang Court communicated this company Shagang, April 27, 2013, the court accepted the plaintiff Songjiang Shagang company filed the lawsuit in accordance with law.

Also found that the three cases identified shareholders judgment document Velvet City respective companies registered capital amount payable and the amount actually paid.
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