On behalf of the construction, supervisors extended period of validity of the visa identification

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From the legal status of the supervisor's point of view, which is based on the construction unit of authorization and instructions, is responsible for project implementation supervision, inspection and management in order to safeguard the interests of the construction unit, authority is authorized by the client generated, the agent qualification capacity is not the supervisor has, but freely given client behavior. In general, the amount of supervision is not entitled to engineering and project cost determination is made. In practice, the construction contract is often stipulated engineering supervisor normal variable quantities, caused by design changes, the right to trial project price change, and decision-making by the resident site on behalf of the Employer or the Employer exercised. Therefore, supervisor for extension of time made the visa is valid, the key lies in the developer agreement (the owner) and construction supervisor and between people. In this case, because the Employer and construction schedule agreed upon otherwise extended by the Employer agrees engineers on-site visa extended duration, and the developer of the mandate entrusted to the Supervisor and responsible for the inspection and acceptance of the project, assist with site visa, etc. Therefore According to the agreement the two contracts, the developer did not confirm the right of extension of time will be authorized to supervisor, supervisor made the effectiveness of extension of time only to prove the role of a visa is not confirmation of the extension of time for.

And on behalf of the government for the construction generally refers to a number of non-operating government investment projects, through bidding, etc., select professional project management unit is responsible for construction and implementation, project legal duty to exercise instead of the Employer during construction, so the employer can not directly involved in the project, by the person acting on behalf of the construction project of the main responsibilities of the investment. In this case, the developer "on behalf of the construction, the agency agreement" states, the Agent shall be entitled to the rights of people on behalf of the Employer federations exercise Zhoushan construction management and do on-site management, including engineering and construction agent who signed Change visa, fulfill the rights and obligations stipulated in Zhoushan CDPF construction contracts (except payment for work outside), so on behalf of the people for the construction of a visa extension of time shall be deemed made by the Employer to confirm.
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