State Council: To promote the reform and development of the exhibition industry along the way with the strategy

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In recent years, China's exhibition industry rapid development, has become the construction of modern market system and open economic system an important platform role in China's economic and social development has become increasingly prominent. Meanwhile, the reform of China's exhibition industry of institutional mechanisms lag, the slow development of market-oriented, there is a structure is irrational, imperfect policy, international competitiveness is not strong and other issues. To further promote the reform and development of the exhibition industry, better play its steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, improve people's role, now make the following observations:

First, the general requirements

(A) guiding ideology. Fully implement the Party's 18 and eighth Second, Third and Fourth Plenary Session, implement the CPC Central Committee and the State Council decision to deploy, deepening reform, innovation, and give full play to the decisive role of the market in allocating resources, better play the role of government to actively promote the exhibition industry to market. Adhere to professional, international, brand, information-oriented, promote low-carbon, environmentally friendly, green ideas, fostering the growth of market players and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the exhibition industry, efforts to promote China's exhibition industry from power to power the development of the exhibition industry, better services in global economic and social development.

(B) the basic principles.

We will deepen reform. Deepening exhibition industry management system, clear exhibition industry economic, social, cultural, ecological function positioning, speed up transformation of government functions and decentralization, liberalization of the exhibition industry in a steady and orderly market access, to enhance the industry management level, to institutional innovation stimulate the vitality and creativity of market players.

Adhere to scientific development. Exhibition hall layout overall national and regional exhibition industry, the scientific definition of exhibition venues and exhibition welfare and competitiveness, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm, and create synergies, mutual benefit and win-win development environment.

Adhere to market-oriented. Follow the law of development of the exhibition industry, drawing on international experience beneficial to establish an open and fair, open and transparent market rules, to achieve sustainable and healthy development of the industry. The integrated use of taxation, finance, industry and other policies to encourage and support the development of exhibition industry market.

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