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A current status is that the central enterprises forensic management differ, some more litigation, more and some cut on compliance, but there is less to see the forensic management to cut came at the strategic level.

Over the years, under the SASAC pushing, legal affairs central enterprises have made great progress, actually and private enterprises, foreign legal affairs formed their own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the situation.
Compared with private enterprises and foreign enterprises, the central enterprises to promote legal management path is different. Because the legal affairs of private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises, there is internal demand, nobody push it, it will naturally be the work force, there is this awareness, put the legal team set up.

So their legal affairs goal is clear, very specific transaction. But I believe that this endogenous their needs, we can say more to stay at the micro level Management.

Among them, more foreign companies is to internalize external legal matters, from the scale to consider. While private enterprises are more business processing some aspects of the work into the legal department, the legal affairs of workflow management has been integrated into the business, its work more than a legal adviser, but business processes.

Top-level design advantages and disadvantages
Legal affairs of the central enterprises have what characteristic? That is a real demand for it is not a first or endogenous, more top-level design. Of course there are a lot of companies, including import and export enterprises, construction enterprises, already has the legal department, but more central enterprises or state-owned enterprises to establish and develop the Department of Legal Affairs, it is dependent on the former Economic and Trade Commission in recent years and now the SAC promotion.

What top-level design features is it? More from the perspective of risk-oriented establishment of the Legal Affairs Department and the establishment of general counsel system. He emphasized that to prevent risks, if companies do not establish legal affairs department, general counsel system is not established, the future business leaders of the question to assume responsibility.

I believe that, this way, he would both advantages and disadvantages. CNAC letter Group I serve is not the original Ministry of Justice, in 2007 began to establish a legal unit according to the requirements of the SAC. This top-level design has a great advantage, if you have a powerful weapon, companies have to establish legal departments, have to pay attention to the legal work, you must have the general counsel in an important position.
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